Tools for you to use throughout your motherhood journey.

The Mindful Mama

Baby books exist to document baby’s growth, but what about a space to celebrate the milestones of motherhood?

Created with love by a mom for moms, this thoughtfully designed reflective guide is designed to be a constant companion throughout your postpartum recovery. Welcome to a space to nurture your confidence, celebrate the present moments, and document your own milestones as you navigate the first year of motherhood.

Cover page for "The Mindful Mama: a reflective postpartum guide" which is blue in color, and has a cute flower design
An image of the cover for an eGuide named "Breastfeeding Basics - An essential guide for the nursing mom"

Breastfeeding Basics eGuide

There are so many questions that arise when your baby arrives and your breastfeeding journey begins. This thoughtful easy-to-use guide will coach you through common challenges and give you confidence to know that you can do this!


Postpartum Wellness eGuide

Are you struggling to care for yourself after your baby's arrival?

Easily navigate your postpartum recovery with this free Postpartum Wellness Guide, which includes self-care steps, easy-to-use mindfulness activities, and thoughtful resources to help you thrive as a new mom.

The cover of an eGuide titled "your personal guide to postpartum wellness"

Return to Work eGuide

Going back to work can feel overwhelming, but this guide will help you navigate the transition with ease as you learn. Feel empowered as you learn about your rights in the workplace, how to set your baby and yourself up for success for your first day, how to maintain your milk supply, and more!

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Baby Steps
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